April 2013

Blast of Enthusiasm

With a quiet sense of amusement
Two packets of Splenda sprinkle sweetness,
Stirring my senses with a blast of enthusiasm
As the sun begins to rise.
In between a mucky morning filled with humidity,
My fresh cup of brew warms my soul and awakens my world
Breathing in a feeling, flavored with deep understanding
Of all the simple pleasures we don’t see.

With the magic of caffeine to infuse my engine that couldn’t before,
Suddenly my surroundings seem to make sense again
Because you can’t get shit done when you’re asleep
And my dose of delicious addiction
Flourishes with hazelnut.
With an elaboration to crack my bones and sweep my feet,
I’m collapsed into pure relaxation
Shooting up productivity and settling my mind with ease.

Into the peak of the hour
This blast of enthusiasm trickles along my sense of humor.
Sipping words of perspective, in between our cup of conversation
We speak of tales
Scented with sacchariferous drips of spiced consumption
And roasted with a blend of charming words mutually put together.
I’m enlightened with our fair share of simplistic nonsense
With a super-kinda-fragilistic, enrichment at its finest.

Stirring in a moment of paradise:
This is a nice surprise we’ve found delight in!
Captivated, grinding every form of desire
And brewing it to the utmost degree.
This entire ordeal was more than spiced-up syllables
And more of a place of profound expression
Spilling soul through vocal chords
And embracing these bits of infatuation that distinguish our characteristics.

Awakening my taste buds
With a spoonful of ambition
And sprinkled with a sense of affection
It’s this warm toast of connection
That blends my happiness I’d drink from any day
Animating my spirits even further
Into more than just this blast of enthusiasm…

It’s called passion.

—Stacy Sánchez

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