April 2013

A Summertime Pantoum

Baseball is the game to play:
The guys, a ball, our mitts, a bat—
We choose up sides and take our spots:
Batter up, pitcher throws, a swing!

The guys, a ball, our mitts, a bat—
It’s all we need to pass the time.
Batter up! Pitcher throws, a swing,
A miss. Another whack—a crack this go around.

It’s all we need. To pass the time,
To slow down time, we play.
Swing, batter-batter, swing. No miss, a ground
Ball down the third base line:

The sun’s gone down and yet we play.
We chose up sides and took our spots.
In the dark, one last hit down third base line:
Baseball, it’s the game we play.

—René Saldaña, Jr.

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