August 2013

What a Break-up Looks Like (Cuando Tronaron)

A ten year old
keyhole curiosities.
Appendages blur
past his bedtime.
He asks his apá
why Tío Reymundo
is here, has moved
into his room,
visits with ladies,
won’t go home,
with Tia Gloria.
She cries on
the phone terribly,
Tells his apá,
on the sofa is fine,
knows now what
a woman is,
naked, her chi-chis
won’t slumber with
all the noise,
sees all the ladies
(remind him of tia),
spend the night.
They never hello
or goodbye.
Wonders if tío’s
golozo plate
is as empty
as his plática.

—Lupe Méndez

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