August 2013

Perpetually Growls

He is a 9-year-old artist—
dirty Filas, ripped jeans.
His home is now the school,
draws forever on the walls.

Creates love notes for chiquitas.
Draws the best sol,
captures largatijas at recess,
king of the columpios.

He won’t write in words.
Cries when it’s his turn
to read from one
thicker chapter book.

Trades knuckles with bigger
kids behind the dumpster,
for stealing food from plates.
He is lightweight, the fighter.

He would rather do math.
Figures out his hermanitos’
next four bus stops,
dinner and more markers.

Ignores useless adults.
Tells you straight faced.
His papito huffs paint, says—
papá gives me color headaches.

He just keeps drawing.
Smiles. Says it’s what feeds him
at night, yet, his stomach,
perpetually growls.

—Lupe Méndez

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