August 2013

Hips, Defined

Hips deliver-
not perversely,
but clearly, in a beat.

They commit, they connect
to femurs and ankles,
heart beats and brain pulse –
they speak in a sweet voice,

the wider they are,
the more experienced
they bounce. They entertain

bass in melody, controlling
the production of enjoyment
rather deeply, they gather tension,
side to side, isolated on a wood floor

during a dj’s rendition of Sade,
or a collaboration involving a salsa
band or the merging of liquid spirits

past dark lit smiles and fluttering fingers-
jeans and juapangos,
Charlie Wilson and samba, recharge
these hips. Hips that manage to make

their way to the nerve, they serve
to add spice, to enrich the elixir
of delicate dedication.

Hips breathe long.
Hips groan,
Hips speak in four-fourths
Hips beckon and

pause only to catch a gasp, a view
what they have journeyed,
what they have delved into.

They support the soul.
Hips deliver in moments
what a mind can’t even mention,
what a heart only dares skip.

—Lupe Méndez

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