August 2013


I know a not so far away place
Where I seem to remotely recognize everyone’s face
In between nothing and surrounded by nil
It is a spot that has a certain appeal
It is not quite rubble nor covered in sand
But it is never the less a wasteland
This is neither an insult nor is it a curse
For I know of places that are far worse
It just has that sort of mediocre vibe
But it is inhabited by my native tribe
Yes, you see it is true
That my dearest of friends inhabit this place too
High upon the plains of Texas you see
Are the memories that are closest to me
We come together from time to time
To cause mild trouble and merely unwind
To share in each other’s harrowing victories
And further ex-posit upon life’s mysteries
Growing older and spreading apart
We all remember that here it did start
Adolescent decisions and hormonal delusions
But better times, we could not chose one
And sooner than later will we again meet
And as always with banter and insults will we greet
So hold little spite for this particular rendition
It is merely the writer’s way of releasing his nostalgic condition

—Cody Jemes

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