August 2013

At the Lowes Garden Center in San Juan, Texas

I hope to catch an aftertaste of home,
of pine, the north woods on my fingertips
touching a living Christmas tree at Lowes

of San Juan, Texas. Here, December feels
like spring up north – with wrens migrating south
to winter in the sun with butterflies.

Enclosed in air conditioned breeze, the palm
trees sparkle, draped in strands of Christmas lights
and tinsel, cotton balls in place of snow.

With glittered boughs, the spruce, too, shines below
florescent lights and glistens like the hope
in migrants’ eyes. “You’ll never learn to thrive

in this south Texas soil,” I curse, and dream
the scent of pine cones ripening, the crunch
of north wood snow beneath my fur lined boots.

—Katherine Hoerth

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