August 2013


Humanity spiraling beyond devolution
Revolting wild beasts with outrageous acts
Fueled by sadism, instead of ancestral instinct.
Disappointments committed in gleeful ignorance.

Hopelessly searching small ounce of improvement,
Observations taking toll, tired of atrocious reruns
Performed by various eras, none learned a damn thing.

Civilizations prevent progress with countless dead-ends
Harsh labyrinths built miles wide without exits
Mocking poor fools wanting equal happiness
Such privileges reserved for promoters of hate.

From furs to suits, survival instincts reduced to civilized savagery
Playing Death excused for symptoms of psychotic disease.
Filled with possessive paranoia or bloody offerings for Lovecraftian gods.

Life and media blended from poorly structured barriers
Bringing confusion in knowing reality
Lunatics exploited by numerous screens, despised in awe.
Gaining recognition from both infamy and praise.

Species’ progression fueled by deadly sins
Apathy is the key to human existence.
Like wire, denial suffocates and tightens.

I admit redemption’s far from arrival.
The messenger enters with good news, but his smile fades
Looking down at my third eye, freshly made by lead.
Heated barrel in one hand, crumbled paper in another.

Just another overwhelmed fool
Forget the note and take me away.

—Diana Elizondo

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