August 2013

Being Poetic

Depicted beauty spawned from self-destruction
Devotion displayed in sheets scarred by fresh ink
Every worded infliction exposes raw emotions
Sublime passions and nightmarish fears filled in each text.
Slowly baring souls, forcing minds to spill on the lines.

Creativity produced from mental masochism and physical strain
Throbbing aches as thoughts boil inside a globe of bone
Manifesting into a vicious offspring’s birth
Breaking through layers of membrane and skull.

Seeking talented idols of old for inspiration
Harnessing spirits from their scriptures and scent smoke
Motivated to nocturnal trance without eyes closed
While torturing our hands from writing incantations.
Powers granted from hours of dedicated perfection.

Gaining loved ones and casting hexes on enemies’ heads.
Summoning Wrath to spit acid at society’s eyes
Expressing personal ideals and cynicism in cryptic tongue
And bloody lavender, resulting fatigue and twisted spines.

Mysterious, aching rituals performed by sleepless souls.
The harsh trials of being poetic.

—Diana Elizondo

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