August 2013

Who Am I? José on a Journey

Who Am I? I am José.
José on a Journey
I graduated with a BS
I continued on with a MS
even smaller odds of doing it.

I am José, this is my journey.
I lived in California.
My fellow cousins.
The California flag is dear to me.
Though I did not march in California, I was with them in spirit.

I am José.
I am a Texan
I marched in Dallas, Texas, in 2006.
Immigration reform,
Half a million marched.
Sí se puede.

I am José.
I marched in the 10th Anniversary César Chávez March
In San Juan, Texas.
We are many in red.
We march with Little Joe
Who marched with César Chávez.
We are GREAT!
We are one.
¡Sí se puede!

I am José.
Time will tell when we make history.
Have faith,
Have hope,
We are together.
¡SÍ se puede!

—José Castilleja

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