A collaborative project of We Need Words and VAO Publishing, La Noria Literary Journal provides a venue for writers who draw words from the creative wells of Hispanic and border culture. The hybrid on-line/print journal will publish three electronic editions in April, August and December, with a trade paperback biennial every other January.

A noria [Spanish, from the Arabic na’ura] is a water wheel that can draw multiple buckets of water from a well in quick succession. Developed by Muslim engineers in Spain during medieval times (based on Roman and Greek prototypes), norias were vital tools in irrigation. We selected this term to serve as a symbol of our goal: to draw forth a flood of words from the deep wells of our culture (Hispanic, border or Southwestern) to irrigate the minds of our readers.

La Noria has no political bias to shill, no philosophical or critical stance to promote, no lofty academic aspirations to realize: we just love good literature, the Río Grande Valley, the Southwest, and Hispanic culture in general. We will publish any genre, any subject matter, any writer at all…as long as the piece appeals to those simple guidelines.

Good literature with a cultural bent.

Editorial Staff
Rachel Vela
Julieta Corpus
David Bowles

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    • Sí, absolutamente. Mándanos cuentos o poesía en español…nos encanta recibir textos en nuestra querida lengua materna.

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