April 2014

Take it or leave it
(the scarlet joke)

I’m at the lake cliff park lying in the sun with Weir
Taking about the best of the worst times
Turning over the cloudy memories
The subtle eve of destruction
All rolling down the hills
Like tumbling children covered in dead grass.
The squirrels are getting fat when the snow covered mounds
Thawed thru and the green grass started to poke between
The bellies of acorns stashed for this spring day
Dogs on leashes like fashion runway models
Birthday parties with pink balloons on blue strings
Blubbering against the strong wind
And I’m hung over again
This time with shame like a child
Hanging like a noose around my middle-aged neck
Hester Prynne in red velvet A but my A stands for
And Asinine
We’ve been thru these mornings many times
But today we suffer together under the skies of blue
Plotting the false starts, the outcomes and the next moves
Always hustling emotions out of brown paper bags
Registered cavemen of social niceties
Gullets open and never full
Lovers plenty but never appreciated.
Our ideals are anyone that can put up with us
For more than a few hours
Can take the repeated blows of our blown up egos
Marinated in the malt, merlots and Marlboros
This sun is almost alien to us,
we seem uncomfortable in our own
Evaporating skin
Changing positions as we speak about life
And out alternate reality
The one where we actually amount to shit
I say take it or leave it
But I need you to help me to decide.
Should we give it all up and start over again
Or should we walk to you pad
Put on some Dean Martin
Drink tap water
Pet the blind cat
And laugh it off?
You noticed I never really said what the A really stands for?
Give me a beer and I’ll tell you.

—Opalina Salas

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