December 2013

Road Trip

     Hello again, road, with your dotted line
     to nowhere. Sky, hello, a new horizon
     where ever you end.

                          Hello granaries
     for towers of old gold gone to mice teeth,
     the last of refineries, a few dying towns,
     hello to those who stayed.

     Hello farmers with grapevine hands,
     your empty dawns, your saved seeds
     unmolested. Hello, cattle and churches

     county fairs, crochet and milk, chickens
     and canning and quilts, my grandma
     and your aunt and uncle,

                          Hello Texas,
     Oklahoma, Kansas, the Flint Hills,
     Missouri with your meandering river,
     rolling hills, ponds, lakes, trees, trees,

     trees! And the sons and daughters
   of today, tomorrow, wary of crows
what will you leave us this time …

—Shirley Rickett

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