December 2013

Reflection at 1 AM

The day started early at 7am.
It did not end till the next day.

The Alamo watermelon festival was still hours away,
The 5k was close to start.

The Texas sun was out and I was feeling the heat of a very long day.

The stage opened at noon.
A simple ribbon cutting,
Photos, sashes, quick start.
The bands started playing,
Conjunto to start the day.

Still nice but getting hotter on this late June day.

Fresh Watermelon, I hear them say.
Fresh Water and Colas to quench your thirst.

The car show was to the south,
The beer garden semi-full and a great view at the stage.

Now it is HOT!
102 degrees they say.
The kids are cool in the trees and in the kid’s games.

The watermelon contests have plenty of participants.
How I wish I were under a tree,
The asphalt raise 2 or 3 degrees.

The music changes, too hot to say.

Around 5pm it is very hot and
Hell has left a door open to the state of Texas.

At around 7:30pm the sun is low,
It is a little cooler,
More people are now here.
The main band is about to play,
The Hometown Boys.

I listen, I talk to some committee members,
It’s been a good day.

I go to the office to leave some things
And so I can help clean after the band stops.

Change in plans,
They are counting money.
Start counting tickets.

It was a great event.
1 AM, time to go home and rest.

—José Castilleja

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