December 2013

Saturday Night

The devil’s a-wearing tap shoes
He’s puttin’ on a show like
You’d see in those movies
Hot damn, look at ‘em go, just look at ‘em!

You come here in the ev-en-in’ time
When the sun’s supposed to,
It’s supposed to be down but,
It ain’t any cooler, suckin’ on ice cubes
But we’ve all got on white dresses
Still stickin’ to our backs

Don’t press your hand so close now
Oh, no, I’ve just got to keep on, keep on with that,
A-smi-a-lin’, pretty little drawl,
You’re such a fine dancer
With rough hands searching
Lower and lower

For that dry curve of my dress, it’s just my dress

Hell, yes, hell is just right, mmm, right
Place for a momma don’t know
Lights never go out won’t
Dare send you home when you’re
Two years too young and
Five beers too deep when
You’ve got men sayin’ Thank-you-thank-you
Like that.

They tell you, when they
Push you onto the dance floor
Drunk brown boots on paint chipped
Fourth toenails, they tell you,
Better dance with the devil,
The devil you know,
But there’s a couple demons
Just in the shadows, so
Bless-their-heart lonely,
Just sittin’ in a metal chair
With jeans fittin’ a-too tight and
I wonder if they want to feel that
Sweat soaked through my dress, white
Dress like those men
I know.

—Jessica Smarr

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