December 2013

Sun Goddess

Brightness slides through the crack
Hardly illuminates the room,
But enough to see the sun.

Black pearls shimmer at every glance
Rays glisten whenever she arrives,
I smile back at her presence.

Waiting for the light’s arrival every dawn
Daily cleanse with lovely rays and pearls,
Yet seeing her grace no longer satisfies me.

Yearn to freely worship her proudly
Escape the darkness of my solitude
Pledging myself to the shining goddess.

Strongly urged to reveal my affection
Wished to be fully embraced in warmth
Hopeful thoughts bring only burning scars.

Dreaded reality keeps me hidden in shadows
From risk of being reduced o rejected ash
She will never know my need for salvation.

Though alone, still behind slightly closed door
Will always value my goddess’s divine glow,
Peeking through the crack to see the sun.

—Diana Elizondo

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